girl at deli counter 51409

May 14, 2009

She begins as a simple beauty
Like the first taste of cream
The opening of oh
With words surrounding her in laurels
And trees in the past background dancing out her silent name
With her ride sylphs made of iron ored from mountains that bore pilgrims away to love
And her duties will lie with oracles and medicine men
She begins a simple shape cut from galaxies beyond even her
And near her no creature or creation is without her influence.

(for Read.Write.Poem.)



  1. this is a good write…from the deli..a veggy burger???

  2. Particularly liked “words surrounding her in laurels” and “trees in the past background dancing out her silent name”

  3. Great title, sounds like a painting, reads like a cool picture too!

  4. ‘a simple shape cut from galaxies’ – something about that little bit strikes me.

    I enjoy the entire poem. 🙂

  5. All right. While it is true that you must format your screenplay, it is also true that formatting is fairly simple. Easy as pie, you might even say. Learning the rules of backgammon: Harder. Building a fire without newspaper: Much harder. Finding a flattering swimsuit: Absolutely harder.

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