love, hatred, and the propensity for compassion 40509

April 7, 2009

You, over there.
Behind the plate glass sipping your coffee
You, reading the newspaper,
At the table, quiet and demure.
You, speaking in hushed tones to yourself.

There are words I want to express to you
So simple they would be alone
So simple, yet complex like DNA
For they make me up, whole
And to give those words out of my mouth
Into your eyes
Would be like pulling the yarn threads that bind
My flesh to my bone
And pulling myself into a puddle.

There are words I want out of my head
So strong the feeling, so strong the words
That lions and tigers cower
Soldiers abandon stations
Winds change directions
And babies stop nursing in their presense
Fretful creature, small now, and invisible.
The comparison is too vast to call it vast.

The words out of my lips
Compared to your lips, there on your cup
Are tiny whimpering tidebreaks
Defenseless against what they hold back
And what they stand up against.
These lips are mine, and part of me
Thus, I am not ready for my own battles.

Equestrian words
Oncological words
Liberal words

All vital signs of mine are less vital than yours
Hands reaching for you are less reaching than yours are
Stars shining in my eyes are less bright than in you
Courage is diminished to nothing in your courage
Manifestation is imagining to your reality
The universe is a pearl on sand on your smallest planet
Breadth, width, depth are all single points on a page

And yours are unities, forgivenesses, and galaxies

(for Read.Write.Poem.)


  1. I enjoyed reading this – captivating…
    Come meet Ziggy

  2. I’ve enjoyed browsing your recent poems, this one is my favourite.

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