jaxon 40409

April 6, 2009

Politest of all boys.
He will be steward to Kings,
If not a King himself.
Calm face, firefly eyes,
There is no thing beyond his doing

His simple instructions will
Take nations to victory.
His steady grasp of his mother
Will one day hold a pen over a bill,
Or a sword over a foe,
Or the hand of his own daughter.

Free to wander with his mind,
He will be the artist of a resistance;
A revolutionary.
He will grow to move continents.
He will bear the giants that shoulder the earth.
After long days of grace and power,
He will retire to a villa where his kids love him
And his one true love will have his gaze.

He is the darlingest, the charmingest.
Gather your men,
A coronation is coming.



  1. Your love for him shines through! It’s all great but I love the second stanza.

  2. I love the line “calm face, firefly eyes”– wonderful.

  3. very nice…ya 2nd stanza also

  4. I agree.

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