youth and anonymity 40309

April 4, 2009

Short skirts and hair bows eluded me
And there were few things I wanted more
But in that foolish moment, where youth and anonymity
Should ever reside
I wanted nothing more than her attention.
I had discovered a new kind of nakedness,
And I was wanton.
Silk boxers could not contain me,
Nor herald see me coming.
No impulse greater in that moment than captivity
And a firm hand.
Now, I snicker at myself.

(for Read.Write.Poem.)



  1. Oooh! Very sensual. I like the little light turn at the end. I think my favorite phrase is “a new kind of nakedness.”

  2. I love the way you captured a teen age boy’s feelings! And, the *wink* at the end balances it nicely.

  3. “short skirts” in my youth…but they “eluded” me
    nice one

  4. Very nice.

  5. Hi we selected this as one of the Featured 5 poems, for Napowrimo Day 5 at http://dash30dash.com – the list will be up in the morning

  6. […] Youth and Anonymity 40309 Short skirts and hair bows eluded me… (read here) […]

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