to adam 32409

March 24, 2009

(I wasn’t sure if this one was ready yet, but I figured, what the hell, have a poem.)

It’s the same jokes day in and day out
It’s the same hats for days on end
It’s the same songs I will never like
and all the ones we sing together.
It’s all the fast food we have inhaled
(well, I inhaled; you grazed.)
and it’s all the time in silence.

And it’s all the days on opposite ends of the house
And it’s all the secrets we don’t tell each other.
And it’s all the pent up frustration I have for you.
And it’s all the things you don’t aspire to be.

It’s within seconds of love
within miles of brotherhood.
I know you twice as well as I ever expected
and learn half as much of you as I would like.
It’s the cold you hate.
It’s the heat I hate.

It’s inane debate
It’s topical chatter.
It’s important,
And lasting.

It’s you
and me
And together make three.

You are my new math.
You are my good night.


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