windmills 32109

March 22, 2009

they towered before us clad in the colors of wonder
all bespeckled olivine citrine lavender
for the sun shone in crimson rays over the horizon
where we would next be

headed north night to our backs
but fingers tucked between folds of cloth
lips folded between teeth
which also clattered

and there they were
with spinning splendor whirling freely
the wind dance caller
and they but happy to square off

fortress fingers that jutted from the soil
breathing nothing, exhaling the spark of night
and silhouettes for miles down miles down

synchronized swimmers
a flock of fish held on the land
every flinch in unison
every flicker from the sun

(first line donated by Rob Kistner, via Read.Write.Poem.)



  1. Splendoured!

    over the ridge and hard planes

  2. that’s really beautiful!

    I read it two or three times and it just left me with a feeling that I want to go there, too.

  3. I like the direction you went from Robs’ line

  4. Really liked the images in the second stanza and the flock of fish in the last.

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