i’m so wasted!

March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone! A day where we celebrate a firebrand bastard of a priest by getting totally sloshed. If you aren’t Irish, I feel bad for you. Not to be a racist, but we’re just better. If you are Irish, I greet you with the brightest smile and the darkest brew.

Now, as far as festivities go, I will not be enjoying anything remotely Irish in beverage form unless it’s Irish Cream, which I can’t swear is truly Irish. Why is this? I’m allergic to beer. Well, not really, but it does cause my mouth to squeeze shut, then I get really surly as I try to get the taste to molded bread out of my mouth. No offense meant to you fine brewers out there, but that stuff is nasty, and I don’t know how anyone can drink it. I’ll probably be downing a whole bottle of Bailey’s tonight, though.

So, drink up, my friends. It’s a green day outside, and the sun is shining!



  1. It’s all in how you drink the beer. Block the head with your lips and the bitter taste goes poof. I need to try that some time with Guiness. This lovely tidbit was picked up from the Today show this morning.

  2. I’m Scots – is that close enough?

  3. Mmm…I guess so…

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