texans and creationism

March 15, 2009

The down side of living in a state the values its, uh, values with such ferocious certainty is that people here often do so without regard to relevancy. I would take a thousand meek souls with a thoughtful brain each than any number of dim-witted with stalwart minds with nary a critical thought around.

From Bad Astronomy comes a story regarding the ongoing debate in the Texas State Board of Education chambers regarding the “strengths and weaknesses” idea. A bill has been passed that will insert this phrase into the educational requirements for science teachers in regards to scientific theories. The essence here is to allow a back door for intelligent design, creationism, and other nonsense into public schools.

While the “academic freedom” purported by IDers is nonsense, there is something to be said for validation of the field and the content therein. However, this is where the ID crowd misses the boat, because such validation comes from evidence and predictions that can be discovered through this evidence. Intelligent Design proponents offer nothing of substance, but they cannot be ignored.

Oh, Texas, would you quit kissing your own ass and realize how your silly, backward religio-social ideas of how the world ought to work are not as great as you imagine?


  1. You’re not exactly meek yourself, are you? ~grin~

  2. The bill (HB 4224) has not been passed — yet. It was just filed last Friday. It still has to make it’s way into and out of committees, etc., before being voted on the House floor, if it makes it that far.

  3. Oh, well, that’s a much better situation!

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