new adventure

March 14, 2009

Gaming, and role-play gaming in particular, have been big interests in my life for quite a while. Currently, I’m the established Gamemaster for our group, meaning its my job to come up with all the relevant story info and provide all the inspiration for the players to come up with our little group story action (which is basically what role-playing is). I like being the GM/story leader. It’s just like being in front of a class of students, except that everyone wants to be there. In fact, there are times when I find myself slipping into teacher mode, and I have to haul back on the reins. No need to stand someone in the corner when everyone is volunteering their time.

Right now, I’m about to start working on the adventure we will be playing Sunday, which will involve a child slavery operation run by goblins, undead entrepreneurs, perverted old men, decimated cities, a holy pilgrimage to the wastes of an acropolis, and the convening of all the forces of good for the world. And that’s just the first session! Here’s hoping I can plan my way out of a paper bag.

Also, if you are in the know of these sorts of things, I could use all the help I can muster in setting up my encounters and managing combat. Thanks in advance.


  1. Maybe I can con Bry into getting WordPress or just subsribing to your blog so he can assist with the gaming stuff. He misses gaming and constantly buys the new books and such.

  2. That would be great! I’m always looking for opinions…

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