twittering idiot

March 13, 2009

New obsession: Twitter.

I’ve tried twittering before, but now I think I’m stuck on it. Especially since I’ve found some people I’d lost contact with, and have been talking to some people that I have wanted to meet. Plus, I’m following <a href=”http://www.twitter.com/BrentSpinerData, so I get to have a little fan boy moment. Now, if I can find Morena Baccarin as a regular tweeter, I might have to go clean myself up.

It’s a fun little social connection thing. More often than not it lends itself to my personal need for universal conversation having, with a twist of exhibitionism. Plus, there are funny people there.

If you are so inclined, my twitter stream is linked on my sidebar. Follow me. Pwease.


One comment

  1. I haven’t figured Twitter out yet (nor Facebook, if it comes to that). I think I need someone who’s stuck on the things to explain them to me; I just don’t get it.

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