spring break arrives

March 13, 2009

As I’ve been saying on my Twitter feed, not only is it spring break, it is Fucking spring break, which is better than regular spring breaks by at least half. School has been lovely, and I’ve really been enjoying things, but I just needed the break. Whoever decided to give us that break was a gentleman and a scholar. The only thing better than one spring break right now would be two of them.

I’ll skip the fact that it has snowed the last two days here.

While I had originally planned on a vacay away from this singular place, I decided to take a week long rest, a game of catch-up, and a visit to family over the expense of a trip. But one day, I will be in Boston on St. Patricks! I just know it…


One comment

  1. If you ever DO come to Boston (for St. Patrick’s Day, or any OTHER day, for that matter), you’d better give me a heads-up so I can come out to see you!

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