magic item idea

March 11, 2009

I’m trying to put together ideas for a new game I’m gonna be running. It’s going along with Dungeons and Dragons v3.5 rules, but the setting is our own creation. That was an experience, putting a world together, though I’m not sure we are done building yet.

Anyway, my roommate and I are watching old cartoons, and we happen upon a Felix the Cat cartoon, “Bold King Cole,” in which Felix uses a suit of armor to direct lightening at a crowd of ghosts. Roomie suggested we have something like that in our game. I can’t say it’s a bad idea…

Armor of the Storm: This full suit of steel armor, crafted in the halls of wizards and magical scholars, wields the power of a lightening storm. It’s wearer is able to cast bolts of electricity from themselves and create earthshaking shock waves created very similarly to thunder. The toll of wearing the suit is heavy, but the destruction it causes is devastating at close range. Those who wear it beyond the field of battle risk accidentally activating it in public with any sudden movement.



  1. I will have to point this post out to Bryan. I am sure he’d get more out of it than I. No 4.0?

  2. I thought first, ‘You brought me out for a piece on gaming? HATE.’ Now let me go read the other one.

  3. Oh, Bry says to check out Paizo, they are having a competition for D&D items and it’s for 3.5 rules. If you can still enter it, I’d shoot for it.

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