on President Obama

January 21, 2009

I will not claim that was behind then Senator Obama when he was running for President, for the simple fact that he claimed a government should do some things I think it should not.

I will not claim that I think Obama will be the best President we will ever had, nor that his simply being Black is the root of his possible greatness.

I will not claim that I didn’t have tears to hold back as I watched him take the Oath of the President, simply because there is something to seeing a Black President, then hearing him call out the corruption and deceit of a government not working and a world still fighting.

While I will remain skeptical of this new administration, and consider hard its every move, I still have, of all things, hope that it will be successful, and that President Obama will be a great leader for our children to learn from.

And it dawned on me, this must be a good man, a great man, to say the things he says with such conviction, with his children right next to him. They will be listening, and I hope he knows this, and I hope he is doing his best to set a good example for his own children. A good father would certainly be a person I’d want leading my country.



  1. More than any president, I believe that people’s high hopes have created him to be the savior-president. I think that people expect him to do things that he might not be able to do, and I worry for him because more than any president before, I truly want him to succeed.

  2. This is the first president that I’m actually invested in. He makes me feel like I can make a difference, and that my little contributions to my family and my community really matter to my nation. He’s not a god – he’s going to make mistake and there’s going to be a lot of work that needs to be done by ALL of us to reverse the mess we’ve found ourselves in – but I think he’s the man to at least START the process of healing and remaking.

  3. Amen

  4. I wonder how influenced we’ve become to the idea that we’re living history that it actually adds a glow to things that might not be there.

    That said, I stood five hours in a packed crowed just to see him, so…

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