iphone dreams

January 21, 2009

Monday, while I should have been taking it easy on the couch, enjoying the makeshift weekend that comes from in-service holidays in the teaching world, I was sitting in an AT&T office, purchasing my new iPhone. Before I continue with this monologue: OH MY GOD! IT’S SO FUCKING COOL! I LOVE IT!! AAAAHHHHH!!!


I’ve been playing with it constantly since then, merely marveling in the fact that I don’t have to be at a wi-fi hotspot in order to get online. And the number of tools available make this more like a pocket computer all the time. The future has arrived people! Get with the program! They might as well call this thing a tricorder.

One program I have plays “nature” sounds in a loop for a set period of time. It’s called Ambiance. I like it a lot. It’s great when I’m having a hard time sleeping. Last night, I set it to “rain-porch” and put it on my desk (without headphones, cause its that awesome!), and let it do its thing. Probably three minutes later, I’m out, which is good, because the last few nights, I’ve been very much not out for much longer and more often than last night.

I can only assume that the main dream I had last night was because of Ambiance. There was a flood. Massive flood. Destroyed homes and ruined buildings. The pool–the city pool–was flooded with debris and dead animals. The whole of the scene was very terrible, but it was odd to note that there were two dead otters in the pool. I tried to argue that the otters came from the zoo, which made some sense at least. Someone else argued that, in the middle of arid New Mexico, there was enough water for the otters to be wild, and that they must have wandered in from the fields. Poppycock.

Oh, iPhone.



  1. I mean it; I’m in love with my iPhone.

    Tell me the name of the application you downloaded, please, and did you have to pay for it?

    I want NPR to download a free ap that tells you where public radio stations are wherever you are – I could REALLY have used that on the trip home from DC…

  2. The app is called Ambiance, plain and simple.

  3. The future is arrived and it’s looking a lot like mental subversion. How cheery.

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