the faith cake

January 12, 2009

Because realizing why religion and science don’t belong in the same argument is the first step.



  1. I feel like I need to watch it again. I kept finding myself concentrating on how much I loved his voice and then how quickly he was talking. More later when I have brainpower.

  2. I thought the video was intresting. a couple of things I found distasteful but hey it is what he believes. I hope he has a good life.

  3. […] watched a video on a friends page and I agree with the speakers point, as any intelligent person should, science does not take faith […]

  4. I find it distasteful that you would ascertain that anyone who does not agree with you is unintelligent. I hope I misunderstood the overtone of the statement.

  5. I try very hard not to say that. However, I do think that trying to use science to explain god is not going to work. Also, the video is not my words, and thus, not my full opinion, but interesting nonetheless.

  6. Very interesting. I actually liked the video. I don’t particularly agree with some of the points he makes, though I haven’t seen it in over a week, so I don’t even remember which ones, (so saying that is much like saying that I don’t like Cheetos even though I like the taste but not saying why) but it is a well thought out argument.

    Though, I do like Cheetos.

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