life lessons

December 19, 2008

Even now, at 24, I still often see myself as a child. I do not feel comfortable stepping up and defending myself against my elders that often (though I do it more and more) and I don’t generally feel I have any right to tell someone older than me they are wrong. This is how I was raised, and I know lots of people who are much older than me who feel the same. Unfortunately (I think), there are few that are younger than me who feel the same way.

There are things happening in my life that reveal that I no longer am a child:

1. I am able to work with people who do not share my ideas on many things, including the subject I teach.

2. I am not compelled to stay in college because I feel like I didn’t get all my fun out. I want to return for scholarly reasons.

3. I bought Christmas presents for my friends and family this year for the first time, on my own.

4. It is not required that the thing I do for fun be the pinnacle of fun or the pinnacle of that sort of activity. It merely must be fun.

5. I have started to reconnect with my brother, slowly.

6. I am not afraid to tell my mother “no.”

7. I have stopped trying to justify myself and my actions just so people won’t think poorly of me.

8. I am learning that the best way to handle is student is rarely to yell at them.

Occasionally, its the little lessons that make the biggest bounds.

One comment

  1. *hugs* I am glad you have learned through your years. 🙂 I know it can be a hard process. The mom and no thing, it took forever for me to learn that one. Sometimes it is still a struggle.

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