you can’t believe in evolution

September 25, 2008

I will spare everyone by pulling out definitions, as I heard somewhere recently that dictionaries don’t provide meanings, they provide usages. However, for the sake of clarification, please remember that a belief is something personal and not necessarily based in fact. I can believe in God, I can believe the moon is made of cheese, or that all my students hate me, but that doesn’t make it true. Please, also remember that a fact is something that has objective evidence behind it. All signs point to the sky being blue, the clock reading 8.13 at this very moment, and my shirt still being a bit damp from my exercise.

I have read both presidential candidates stances on science policy at ScienceDebate 2008, and I have been watching the news a bit more closely as of late. I have read Obama’s comment on evolution in education. While I am glad he is very open to the idea of maintaining secular education in schools, I don’t like anyone using the word believe next to facts. It puts facts on the same level as opinion. I believe in being nice to people, but to be honest, it doesn’t always work, and I have no proof to either side of that argument. However, when it comes to evolution, there is evidence to support a particular string of arguments (supported over at Scientific American), and belief doesn’t come into the picture at all.

I will not address the other candidate for this year’s circus presidential election, for I’m convinced he has no chance at all. He simply isn’t ideological enough for this country rooted in belief (see, the problem is right there. I cannot prove this). And I have little to no evidence to support this, only opinions of people I respect quite a bit, like Dan Carlin.

That said, I can prove that we need to make a delineation between things that truly should be discussed in the political forum, and belief in a scientific theory isn’t one of them. If it were, I think it would only be fair to argue the purpose of lungs and the reason why the sun is the source of all energy on our planet. Also, we can discuss whether Coke is better than Pepsi, but that is already decided. But evolution doesn’t go on that ticket, and neither does gay marriage, but that’s a non sequitor.



  1. Hooray! I sometimes talk about “belief” and say that I don’t “believe” in “belief.” Of course, like anyone, I rely on what has transpired in the past as a predictor of the future (“the sun will come up tomorrow”), but I don’t consider that to be “belief.” Science does not trade in belief, science trades in facts and explanations (theories) based upon observed things. Science is open to altering or abandoning those explanations/theories. “Belief” is a different kettle of loaves and fishes entirely.

    Came here via mrschili.

  2. Eatsbugs,

    I got a phone call today from my brother, looking for my music online googles my name an whattta ya know finds this! I have found that my fathers words ring truer with every word read, an undisputably your blog as a collective. Sometimes (southern draw followed by slow sigh) its better people think your a fool then to open your mouth and confirm it. Sheer flattery proved to be my flame should I be the proverbial moth, there, in the flame, lies curiousity that catalyses the autonomic response of “who the hell is this?”
    Eatsbugs, if you EVER “ran” with me then undoubtably your FAITH has been shaken since.
    I wont preach instead my peace is this:
    belief is the web in which we find truth
    bitterness tastes like hurt, deciet and salt.
    Evolution is still and has always been maintained as a THEORY.
    Tom cruise did not save the world.
    As a teacher it is not your only your job, but your responsibility to maintain an unbiased learning enviroment.
    Problem: YOUR BIAS.
    evidently your intelligent, you have a piece of paper to prove it right?
    Just remember, there are no athiests in fox holes.
    Age is only a number because in life education is never based on the the expierience of the few but knowledge procurred by the many.
    Over 82 % of people on earth believe in a supreme being, less than 16% are athiests. http://www.adherents.com
    belief is an opinion to you correct?
    FACT: progressivism is based on the ideology that when a majority, not just a landslide, is confirmed it is accepted as the correct end to whatever question it has derived from.
    80% says your wrong. Fact.
    Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour.
    I like my odds, but not because I like my odds, but because without Him you, nor I would make it a day otherwise.
    Life sucks sometimes no doubt, but its 10% what happens to you, an 90% of how you deal with it.
    We all got problems, but ALWAYS remeber God doesnt believe in Athiests.
    Forgiveness is the hardest virtue to proccur, and with time it can change the most bitter emotion into an unimaginable peace…….I know.

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