rebel with an idea

September 23, 2008

I live in a part of the world where conformity (and sometimes “non-conformity”) means that you have to be either white, christian and republican, Hispanic, catholic and proud of your Mexican heritage, or other, rebellious and poorly shaven. It is difficult to find someone who has truly thought things out for themselves and came to a conclusion that is really worthwhile and sane. I would say my roommate is one of these people, which makes me happy (he’s white, catholic, and poorly shaven, for the record).

However, I found another one yesterday. A student of mine came to me, and we started talking about politics and science and belief and living in the area. I found out a lot about him. I also found out that he passively doesn’t practice his family’s faith and he’s okay with that. He also expressed a great amount of care for the sciences and how he doesn’t understand how so many things that people believe in don’t line up with science and the realistic study of things around us. The evidence simply tilts in favor of reality. I agree with him on this.

He’s a smart kid, but I’ve seen smart kids that were still robots and followers and becoming less and less individual by the day. So, he just became really really smart in my book. He wants to go into the medical profession. He’s a big fan of all the sciences. He’s also student body president. It’s like having an atheist in public office!

And here I was worried that kids had stopped thinking for themselves right after I left high school. I was luckily wrong.


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