IDDFOS: UFOs with the Curio

September 10, 2008

Anim5 posts another episode, though this one isn’t a normal episode. Since he started his query into UFOs a few episodes back, he’s been working on speaking with podcasters and other significant people regarding the topic and their opinion. This time, he has Simon from The Curio.

They treat the topic with some mild skepticism. Actually, I suppose that’s not quite accurate. They definitely have skepticism about it, offering up that until there is some physical proof, the conspiracy theories are just wisps in the wind with not legs to stand on. However, Anim posits that there must be something to some of it. Conspiracy theories have a kernal of truth about them, he says. Simon agrees with this. I suppose I do too. There has to be a reason behind the suspicion in the first place. However, in the light of day, things look a bit different.

They touch on how it seems that a lot of people just want to have UFOs to believe in. This makes sense, considering some other links that people go to in their lives to find the things they think they need. Its not far fetched to want to believe something so bad (or to actually believe something so hard) that you start to see physical manifestations of it. Granted, the physical evidence is lacking and all other support is in the other direction, but that doesn’t mean that the people involved aren’t seeing something. It just seems that they might be seeing what they want to see. Pareidolia.

The eventually drifted over to conspiracy theories in general, where Anim expressed that he thinks there must be something going on behind the scenes, the Smoking Man as in the X-Files. I suppose I agree with this, but only in the since that there must be something going on that nobody see. No one. Not even the people involved. I think its possible for government and bureaucracy to have evolved into a greased system that allows one to draw connections between different offices and industries, but any real connection is purely by accidental design or exploited after the fact. I’m going with Occam’s Razor on this one.

Anyway, if you aren’t listening to IDDFOS, you should be. It’s smart stuff.


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