pictures from the canyon

September 2, 2008

I visited my family for labor day. It’s a peaceful place, there. My grandfather is a green thumb if ever there was one. I thought now would be a great time to show off some of his garden.

These are some bougainvillea he has growing in a pot on the back porch. He has a wide patio that he used to use to hold a myriad of bird feeders. He goes back and forth with that one, but it’s always speckled with large flower pots and an ever-shifting scheme of plants.

Some green plants of various kinds. I’m not sure what they are, but they were big. The one on the left has fronds as large or larger than a human hand. Usually, it’s small flowering plants and ferns. This one is out of character, and beautiful.

More greenery, this being around the stone path that surrounds his oak tree.

Here we have an “ice plant.” I don’t know if anyone ever determined if that’s what this is usually called, but it’s what my grandfather calls it. He has planted this stuff in small cuttings before, watched it die over the winter, then then nearly explode from the dirt. He has to trim this one back often because it will take over any open ground. It will thrive on almost no water, so its great for arid Texas summers.

Pardon the size on this one. This is a shot of the canyon community he lives in. His house is right at the top of a hill, looking west toward the dam. Many people say he has the best view in the canyon, and occasionally has people walk up from the street to make him an offer on his house. I hope you can see why.



  1. Man, that is gorgeous! I love the plants he tends to as well. My grandparents have the same knack for green life.

  2. Yes, the last picture is gorgeous.

  3. Also, where is this?

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