oberon zell-ravenheart update

September 2, 2008

Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, one of many leaders in the Pagan community, was recently diagnosed with cancer. A recent blog post from Morning Glory Zell, his wife, informs that he is on the mend. As it happens, Oberon has had surgery to remove a large portion of the offending tissue, and is now in recovery. Hopefully, he makes a full turn-around or at least finds a point of easing.

The family is still asking for magickal assistance, of course, and while I think the highest principle behind such workings is mostly psychological and only personal, Morning Glory asks for “probability enhancement.”

This is one of those ethical gray spaces, where those doing the “good thinking” are not really doing unethical things, but not doing the “good thinking” is certainly more sane and doesn’t propagate the idea that magick can cure an illness. I want to urge those who find themselves in dire straights with their health or the health of a loved one to seek medical attention first, foremost, and continuously throughout the ordeal. It is not enough to hope for better situations. You have to take action to improve your chances. Obviously, Oberon’s family is not taking chances with magick alone, and have sought appropriate medical attention, and they should be lauded as leaders of a community prone to do exactly the opposite.


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