joy and joy again

August 27, 2008

I just finished a texting conversation with one of the students I taught back in New Mexico. He was drum major, a saxophonist, and is now a music major at the university in Pville. He’s a very bright kid with a lot of heart and a bright twinkle in his eye. I’ve tried to give him ample advice on how to handle his upcoming years. Namely, this was: practice, do everything you can, and do what your private instructor tells you to do.

I hope he will thrive. I want things for him that I didn’t want for myself when I was in college.

It makes me happy to see students succeed, even when I don’t show it on my face, and I know, going into a new year, that I’m gonna have to work to smile more when a student does well. So far, trying to get some students tested for new instruments, I’ve discovered that a bright smile when you say the name of the instrument you want them to play goes a long way to convincing them. It’s the salesman in me coming out, after all this time.

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