August 21, 2008

Yesterday was my mother’s birthday. I remembered, and gave her a call. She commented happily how both my brother and I remembered and had called her. I think it was genuine surprise.

My brother isn’t the best at remembering things. Neither am I for that matter. In fact, my brother is probably better in this respect, as he probably remembered every year, but chose not to do anything worthwhile several of those years. His relationship with my mother is a tumultuous one, growing ever better, but the past was rough.

Myself, uh, well. I forgot my mother’s birthday about three years ago. We were going through the brunt of my brother’s rehab and adjustment to a more normal mindset and my mom had sent him to Utah to a camp for “troubled youths.” It just slipped my mind that my mother had a birthday, and I remembered about a month later without saying so. When we traveled up to see my brother and do the family counseling thing, she sorta mentioned it sideways. I fessed up, she made fun of me, and that was that. Though, secretly, I know she felt hurt. I know I feel hurt when that sort of thing happens.

So, though this is not the extent of me celebrating the real Mother’s Day, it is a big part of it. I love my mom, and I wish her many more years.



  1. Google Birthdays. You input all important birthdays and the person who the day belongs to. Then, you can look at the entire year and the specific person’s birthday will appear with their picture on the date. My friend Kylie uses it.

  2. Interestingly enough, my Mom’s birthday is today. And about three years ago I forgot hers because I was excited about my purchase of an iron and ironing board.

    I got yelled at by my Dad.

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