sunday night lessons 81808

August 18, 2008

For rain, I would choose carefully words that would pin you to your seat
Where, then, you would not be free to speak your position.

For a sky, I would pluck out a face that was sour, hold it up to yours
And hope that you would not like what you see.

For a rainbow, I would tie on leather righteousness
Beat you within an inch of your care, and learn you well.

For a decision, I would make a lantern of bragging rights and concessions
Brought to you like beacons of bad conversation.

This was my imaginary world you tread in
But I invited you, myself.

Good doctors tell us that kind is better than right
But I am not right.



  1. This is beautiful. “Kind is better than right” is part of my personal philosophy…

  2. I struggle a lot with love vs. respect. On some levels it’s the same. On others it is fully different.

    I had to read the post twice. ~smile~

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