oberon zell-ravenheart has cancer

August 16, 2008

Jason Pitzl-Waters over at The Wild Hunt reported on some bad news today. One of the staples in the Neo-pagan and magick communities, Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, has been diagnosed with colon cancer. Heartfelt feelings go out to his family and those who call him friend. Most notably in Oberon’s history is his the role he has played in the advancement of pagan living and study in America, as well his founding of the Church of All Worlds, a Neo-pagan religious organization. Oberon has, in the past, also started the Hogwart’s-like Grey School of Wizardry and made a “unicorn” by messing with the horn buds on one of his own goats.

From the Wild Hunt article:

Zell-Ravenheart is currently undergoing further tests to see if the cancer has spread, and if radiation and chemotherapy will be needed. A group of practitioners who have been doing coordinated healing magic for Oberon’s wife Morning Glory (who was diagnosed with bone cancer in 2006) will be engaging in a “Rolling Thunder”* coordinated healing working tonight and tomorrow.

A “Rolling Thunder” is a magickal working where many practitioners from all over coordinate their efforts to adjust for dates and time zones and lunar calendars so that all those participating are working as close to simultaneously as possible.

Giving support to a loved one, even an activist celebrity, is not the upsetting part. Even the idea of using this psychological change (or magickal working, if you must) to stave off the need for chemotherapy or something else equally scary isn’t so hard to get around. But the image of using other people’s time and possibly money to heal one individual, regardless of class or clout, easily can be translated into “magick cures cancer.” Even if this working fails, even if the severe treatment is called for, the magick will be justified.

Justification is not proof of success, and to declare that something other than the prescribed medical treatments to cure the physical affects of cancer is highly unethical. Imagine that someone close to you denied themselves a chance at possible remission because someone told them prayer would cure them whole, and in the end, when it didn’t work, they chalked it all up to God’s will. I would be furious.

I hope Oberon and his family will be smart in their time of trouble, but I hope they come out the other side of it healthy nonetheless. Cancer is a horrible thing.


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  1. Ever think that’s a lot like a funeral? It’s not for the dead, but for the living.

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