why “eatsbugs”?

August 14, 2008

Mrs. Chili over at the The Blue Door decided to answer the age old question plaguing most bloggers: Why did you call your blog, well, whatever you called it? I have been asked this question, typically mixed with anything from a nearly annoyed sneer to a quizzical laugh. I’ve kept it a close secret for these nearly two whole years (no I haven’t), but have decided that it’s time to let the cat out of the bag. The secret is: the title of my blog is…

…completely arbitrary.

The conversation went something like this:

“I need an actual blog that isn’t on myspace. Myspace sucks, and I need a blog.”
(this would be the voice inside my head) “Yes. Yes, you do.”
C has one. I’ll ask her.”
“Good idea.”
“And I’ll need a name. Names are important. A title. Something special.”
“Okay, I like it, I like it.” The voice nods approvingly.
“How about…eatsbugs?”
“eatsbugs. All lowercase just like that. Maybe some ellipses at the front.”
A long pause.
“Okay, sounds good.”

There you have it folks. The deep insightful logic if your dear author.

As point of information, “eatsbugs” has now also become a handle for me, just through common use by other people. Some call me D, but most people not in my RL group of friends call me eatsbugs, or just ‘bugs. Both are fine.

I’ve had two other screen names in my whole life. One was Zhen-Mun, which I used on a role-playing forum that I was on. The other is a big fat secret that I will never divulge on this blog for at least a few months.


  1. There’s nothing wrong with arbitrary. It keeps things interesting.

    I believe I’ve referred to you as ‘bugs. I like it and, as long as you don’t mind, that’s what I’ll call you on blogs…

  2. Chili, you can call me anything you want, so long as it makes me look cool. An apostrophe before my “name” is definitely cool.

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