August 13, 2008

Okay, so I’m fat. Well, not really fat, but most of my pants are getting pretty tight and I blame eating out constantly (most of which is fast food). Also, it doesn’t help that most of my favorite activities involve me sitting on my rumpus. I have something of a pot belly, and I’d like to get rid of it, just so I can walk in my closet without wondering what actually still fits.

Yesterday, I decided to go for a run. Being how out of shape I knew I was, I wasn’t expecting fantastic results. In fact, I planned a route that was long enough to be an accomplishment for my fat ass, but short enough I wouldn’t actually die. I stretched, I did the short walk before hand. It was probably an eighth of a mile, maybe less, but by the time I hit that targeted mailbox, I thought I was gonna die. Not only that, but my body continued to think just the same for the next hour or so. I’ve never had a heart attack, but I think I know what it feels like now. Wow.

So, I’m gonna it again today, probably die again. Hopefully, before too long, I can put those slacks on that I look so good in. Here’s hoping.



  1. Hey, if I can lose the baby weight (2 friggen pounds away from banishing it all together!), then you can do it too! Take advantage of that store that is so close by. Purposely forget something one day and walk back there the next. Avoid the tasty treats inside and make your own food, cheaper, tastier, and better for you most times. 🙂

  2. P.S. The slow but steady weight loss game has been working for me. I do a whole lot more watching how much I take in and chasing the kid around seems to be enough movin’ about for me and the few walks a week I do too, pushing him in a heavy stroller lol.

  3. P.P.S. I like the new layout. Sorry for hogging a good deal of your comment space, heh. *HUGS*

  4. You know, a good, brisk walk (one in which you breathe hard and sweat) is JUST as effective, and safer, than running. Find some good, peppy songs, plug in your iPod, and go.

  5. That’s usually what I do, the brisk walk, but I felt like being dangerous. Today, I feel like someone is living in my skin, and its not me.

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