August 12, 2008

When I lived in Texas before, I bought all my groceries at a United, which is a fairly local chain of stores that has reasonable prices and a good selection and a honest-to-goodness homey feeling about it. I like going there: it makes me feel good.

When I moved to NM, I had two choices for shopping for groceries: Wal-mart and an Affiliated Foods placed called Super Save. As I liked being able to choose between different brands of milk and being able to also pick up some other basic things along the way, I chose Wal-mart, which still to this day makes me a little sad. I spent quite a lot of time there, mostly because of its convenience and quality of goods. Well, mostly quality. Not always. Besides, I’m a big fan of Dr. Thunder, one of their sodas, and so the choice was obvious, for some reason.

Now that I’m back in Texas, there is a United Market Street within walking distance of my house! This is a combination grocery store/deli/bakery/pizzeria/coffee shop/sushi shop/fish counter/restaurant. It’s like a super-ultra-mega-mart, but better. I just bought groceries there last night, and though the prices there aren’t exactly the lowest, I was able to get good frozen chicken, which is a must. And tonight, should I feel up to it, I could meander that way for any number of tasty treats they serve on a regular basis. I mean, a regular United has a salad bar, deli, and bakery. This place serves fresh pizza and sushi! Sushi!

It’s good to be home.



  1. They (the amorphous, unnameable “they”) put a grocery store up within walking distance of my house, too. I love the convenience, but it doesn’t always carry the stuff I use on a regular basis (our brand of cat food, for example) so I still end up in the mega-mart grocery store uptown. It’s a nice balance, though; now I don’t have to block out an hour’s trip when all I need is a gallon of milk.

  2. Why is frozen chicken a must? Again, you leave out the most interesting tangents. 😛

  3. Sushi, I miss good sushi…

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