August 11, 2008

Before I get to the meat and potatoes of this post, it must be known the conversation I had with my new Head Director this last Friday night. We’d gone to a city south of us to see Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser, a motivational speaker for bands and music groups. He promotes student leadership in a progressive way that requires students realize that they must grow as a person, right now and with effort, before they will ever be good leaders, due the the chemistry of the teenage brain and its problems. He gets you pumped, and he’s the only person I’ve ever seen at a convention or gathering of this sort who outright says that the workshop alone is not enough: you must go home and continue to review the material and review the concepts and work on it with others.

On the way back home, me and the new Head (we’ll call him Tom) got in a conversation where we touched on what happened last year in New Mexico. I explain how we spent 5 weeks working on learning marching at the junior high and working on only two pieces of music, only to have it shown off at a parade that was so-so, and the performance was only mediocre. He knew half of what I was going to say before I said it, namely that all our work really hadn’t accounted for much. He also laughed a lot at all of this, completely astounded. I still find myself thinking “what the hell were we doing then?”

Back then, if I wasn’t hanging on every word that Mrs. Head (my previous boss) had told me, I wasn’t doing my job, and I can’t be too hyperbolic about that. So the dream I had last night, where suddenly Mrs. Head was working at my new school, just above me, and I felt compelled to explain to her that I had new teacher meetings I had to attend that would make me miss rehearsal, is mostly reasonable. The fun part was thinking, just after informing her of my absence to come, that I didn’t need to tell her any of that because she didn’t know what she was doing anyway, and I went and told Tom, feeling much better.

Sometime, change is good! *wink*


One comment

  1. *smiles* So feeling a bit better in this job then?

    Btw, nice new layout.

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