August 9, 2008

I sat down with a bunch of my pagan friends last Wednesday for a meeting to plan our public Sabbat circles. I used to do this a lot, back when I lived here before, and it was good to be back in that welcoming, warming atmosphere. Despite all my criticism of pagan culture and communities and my skepticism of their practices, I really enjoy the celebrations surrounding the chosen mythos of Wicca and similar groups.

After the little planning session, we moved on the “spirituality” portion of our meeting. Turns out, in the last few weeks, they had decided to have some sort of something geared toward increasing their own spiritual understandings. However, tonight’s event was a quiz from a book on elemental witchcraft. The gist of this was to determine what element you are most in tune to, both spiritually and magically. It is written by a no-name author (not that no-name authors are disreputable, but it is likely there were no resources for the text of the book) and asked seemingly random questions. Some questions were legitimate concerning the topic, but some weren’t, and even after the post-exam explanation, some of us didn’t get the meaning behind all the questions, such as “what texture do you like best?”

In the explanation of the all the different choices (fire, earth, water, and air), I thought that some of things listed could have fallen in a number of areas. Obviously, such a topic has no basis in fact and is merely an interpretive devise for people to use for…well, whatever they might use it for. Magick, I guess.

All told, the book is junk, but the test was fun, and it was funny to see the genericisms of the book brought to bear against ourselves. Sorta revealing, but it a truth-or-dare sort of way. I was a bit appalled that some of my friend took it even a little seriously, considering the average intelligence of the room was pretty high, I imagine. These are good people that I would trust with my life, and while I’m not surprised by all this, I am still shocked that such life-reasonable people can be so strange in other ways.

Oh well, none of them have ever charged someone to do magick or anything like that.


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