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August 6, 2008

Prologue: I can has internets? Huzzah!

Body: So, I am tired again. Not tired in the physical, crash-on-the-couch-and-slowly-wait-for-death-to-offer-sweet-sweet-release tired, but the mental exhaustion that comes from being back in the classroom. I’m glad of it, as I get to have some mental stimulation again beyond trolling forums and playing inane games online, but it does provide a different fatigue.

Right now, my responsibilities are light, but growing. I have to manage all the cash coming into the band, and handle all the deposits and fundraising. I also will handle teach a saxophone class, a flute class, and assist in two bands at one of the junior highs along with the band at the high school. It could be a pretty work-light year. Not that I don’t want to work hard for my keep, but why work harder than you have to? It’s very important to keep sanity, and who wants to burn out. I’m good enough at burning out without any provocation. Luckily, my boss likes his work-loads light too, so he doesn’t really like to overload others.



  1. It sounds pretty good! I think I may have missed the beginning of all this – what exactly is your job? Assistant band director? High school? Man, I miss band camp…. It’s exciting to be thinking about starting my English class (whenever that may happen) but there’s a part of me that will always want to be a band teacher. 🙂

    RE: earlier post… I would have totally asked Rousseau for his contact info, too. Too cool! I bought a Rousseau mouthpiece in 9th grade and it revolutionized my sax playing.

  2. Hey, K8, thanks for stopping in!

    Yeah, I’ve thought about getting one of his mouthpieces too. Had a chance to try it, but circumstances changed suddenly.

  3. Glad you’re gettin’ started. 🙂

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