settling in

July 29, 2008

I have most of my stuff in one location now. I thought it would be easy enough to just pack up my stuff and move, but half way through Saturday, I was sick of carrying things and I just wanted to sleep, rest, do nothing. Something non-stimulating. My mother graciously helped me move, and she was a boon. However, by yesterday, I was quite sick of her, and glad to see her go home. You know, there is only so much I can take of her at a time. I love her with all of me.

So tomorrow is the first day of summer band. I’m excited and scared. Having spent all of today making copies of all the music we’ll be playing for the next four months, I feel like I’ve participated in things to an extent I can appreciate. However, I have no desire to even look at a copy machine for a couple weeks, to be sure. Twenty-six songs, with at least 10 different parts, roughly 100 copies in every song set. Some 2000 pages used today.

I have no internet at home, but that will come soon. I’m ready to get my life back in order. I hate to have my stuff scattered everywhere. And I need a haircut. So much to do, so little time.



  1. Ick, I’d be sick of the copy machine too. Everything will get done in due time hun, don’t fret.

  2. Dude! Don’t feel bad, I am the same way with my folks. Given I don’t get to see them that often, my peek is 4 days, and then I just go insane. Not just a little either … we’re talking eye gouging, head beating, hair pulling insane.

    hehe, ok not really.

    Glad to hear your all moved in.

  3. Yay! Good job and you might let it grow out.

  4. Tree killer.


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