band camp 2008 twelve: business card

July 24, 2008

I got Eugene Rousseau’s business card today. I walked up to him, told him how great it was to have him, and asked if I could have a way to get in touch with him should I have questions about saxophone things. I made my best attempt at sincerity. I felt compelled to celebrate his celebrity, and I don’t know why!

He gave me this distant look, and mindlessly handed me a business card.

A small part of me died today.

So that was my attempt at sucking up to an old man that just happens to be really good at saxophone. Oh well. I’ve been there before, and I just can’t feign interest that well, after all. But at least I have his email now!



  1. More importantly, why does his picture (From here: http://www.erousseau.com/) look a hell of a lot like you in your senior picture?

    Don’t fall into the absentminded business card slinging ways.

  2. The first satep is always the hardest. The more you do it the easier it is to suck up.

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