band camp 2008 eleven: eugene rousseau

July 23, 2008

((Okay, so technically, this isn’t the eleventh band camp post, but it is the eleventh day of camp, so we’ll go with that.))

Over the last six or seven camps, the WTAMU Band Camp has had guest artists sponsored by Yamaha. This year, its Dr. Eugene Rousseau, member of the artist faculty at University of Minnesota and world renowned saxophonist. He’s just a great musician. Check out his stuff.

He’s also a very nice guy. He’s held a number of master classes and workshops this week, and its been a pleasure to get to play with him in the Director’s Band, where he is performing two solo selections. He is very amiable and very approachable, however, I’ve not really approached him.

Several of my peers and colleagues usually take opportunities like this to really chat it up with people like Rousseau. The artists are good people, very easy to talk to, but at the same time, there is something about the star quality of these people that turns some other people into…well, suck-ups. Or maybe they are genuinely curious about the artist. Either way, I don’t fit into such situations.

So far, I’ve said “Hi, how’s it going” to Rousseau, but nothing else, save a question I asked him during his session with the band directors. Most of me sat back in my head and sorta thought about how this was a regular guy just coming back from the bathroom. A tiny part of me was going “I JUST SAID HI TO EUGENE ROUSSEAU!!!!” But a very small part.

I’m not one to be bewitched by star power and celebrities. I once had lunch with the guy who wrote the NBA theme song. Nice guy, great musician, but I wasn’t turned on to his celebrity.


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  1. And yet you handle your friendship with me perfectly fine!

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