christ on a cracker

July 22, 2008

Today, over at Skepchick and The Rogue’s Gallery, further discussion of the recent Catholic cracker crisis reaches a hopeful conclusion. (It’s the same article on both sites, btw.)

For those not in the know, and those who read my article here before, let me clarify since I think I got some facts wrong….

A boy was dared to take a wafer from the Eucharist at a Catholic church. Uproar ensues. Afterward, biology professor and blogger PZ Myers offered to desecrate a wafer of Catholic origin if someone would provide him one. More uproaringness. Now it’s down to terse emails, cultural commentary, and I’m sure a couple death threats. Transubstantiation is the matter at hand, where the wafer and wine offered during the Eucharist is transformed into the literal…literal…flesh and blood of Christ. People in the skeptic community who are going alongside the literal interpretation are calling this sanctioned cannibalism and disgusting, as well as absurd. More moderate minds on all sides are saying such criticisms are inappropriate, and that mocking the belief is just rude.

Personally, in my life, I have a few odd beliefs and practices that I’m not fully sure about. I still hang a broom above my front door to keep the bad attitudes out. When I move into a place, I like to “sweep” it out with said broom. I keep Tarot cards handy, just in case, and I really want to believe that sigils and runes contain powers we can’t truly know. It’s all quite silly.

So when I stand up, here, and say that believing that you are actually eating the flesh and blood of Christ is silly, I mean it, and I don’t mind the finger being pointed back at me. However, those of you, namely Protestants and less literal Catholics, who see the Eucharist and Communion as just a metaphorical act meant to remind you of the act of your Savior, you’re fine. Life is full of metaphor, and if working in a magickal community has taught me nothing else, it has taught me the power of representational action.

If you are Catholic and you believe it’s actually the blood and flesh of Christ, I can’t help but cock my head at you. I don’t understand it, and I don’t think that any religion should take the anything from a religious text as more than a slightly salty morsel.



  1. Hmm…..I think I agree a little with you. (on some points anyway.)

  2. It’s when you get onto the discussion of the wine tasting 98.6 degree and a bit like iron that I would start cocking my head.

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