moving fatigue

July 18, 2008

Having been lost in band camp hysteria (okay, not really hysteria) for the last few days, I wake up this morning and know two things:

1. That I don’t know all the lyrics to “Can’t Touch This.”
2. I am still moving in about a week and I still don’t have all my stuff taken care of.

So it will be address changes and trying to contact someone to clean my apartment for me. I’m about where I was before I left for camp: I’m ready to be done with it all. Let’s review all the moves I’ve made in the last 6 years.

-Moved from home to college, taking two car loads of stuff with me.
-Moved back home for Christmas, with only one car load.
-Returned to college with same said car load to complete the second semester.
-Took all my stuff home to spend the summer back in New Mexico and work.
-Returned to school for my sophomore year, two car loads.
-Back home for Christmas.
-Back to the dorms.
-Into an apartment for the summer, which involved moving a super-dense TV made of lead and steel, but which was free. Summer classes abounding.
-Moved out of the apartment, back to the dorms.
-Home for Christmas and help my mom move to Texas with my brother.
-Back to the dorms.
-Moved back to New Mexico to live with my then best friend and his wife. A lack-luster summer, overall.
-Back to college.
-Instead of going home from the dorms, convinced my mother to let me get an apartment with her help. Saw her at Christmas, but took my stuff to a half-ass apartment shortly after that.
-Lived in the dorms for a year and a half until I moved in with Hat Boy at even more half-ass apartment (quarter-assed…).
-Moved to New Mexico in a slap-dash touch and go job with only 4 hours of sleep from the week before.

Sixteen moves, and I think I forgot a year in there. All this brings us to present day. This is not including the times I helped my mother move, twice, and when I helped family friends move. I’m sick of carrying heavy things. Oh well. It will be over soon enough.


  1. Holy cow, I don’t even think I’ve moved that much and a good chunk of my life somehow dealt with the military. If I was out there, I’d clean your apartment for ya.

  2. Wow. YOu should have this down packed hmm?

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