July 17, 2008

I managed to get up to town and check out my office. It’s messy up there and there are many things I don’t know what they do. All in good time, I’m sure. Lots of notebooks and drawers to go through to figure out what is what. But the big highlight was buying French for Dummies.

I took a year of french back in my junior year of high school, which was eight years ago, and needless to say, I’m rusty on my vegetables and basic conjugation. Hat Boy, having taken multiple years of French in high school and college, is a bit of a language fanatic, and has agreed to help me brush back up. He also wants to hone is skills. Sooner or later, I’d like to be able to hold entire conversations in French with him, and possibly with others.

I remember some years ago, when I was dating the doctor-to-be, he leaned in close to me one night and just whispered a long string of French in my ear, and like a middle-aged and recently divorced tourist, I fell for him. It was one of our more romantic moments, which, over four months, there were many.

Hopefully, in one or two years, I can get proficient enough in French to move on to other languages. Hat Boy wants me to learn Russian. I’m not opposed to it.


One comment

  1. Man, all the hot languages, eh? Let me talk to Bry and see if he can send ya some of his Russian stuff. Or maybe at least he can burn ya all of his Russian music. He has hours and hours of it. Rum y Pepsi Cola…yes, that’s one of the songs. 😛

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