band camp 2008 five: people

July 17, 2008

The other RA’s are a hodge-podge of people, including one Mr. Bartelli, who claims to hail from south Texas, but maintains a very distinct and stereotypical Italian accent. It’s a point of comedy for me the Mr. Gonzales, who is working the same dorm as me.

Mr. Gonzales is a fraternity brother and a friend for the last several years. He’s hilarious, and I seem to get a good connection out of him that I don’t get out of many of the people I went to school with. We connect somehow. The best I can explain this is that we laugh at the same stuff and have the same intolerance for the same bullshit. We’ve been hanging out this camp, and its a good thing.

A good portion of band camp is revisiting old faces that I used to spend everyday with. Back then, when I was being a moody son of a bitch, I hated a good deal of these people. Some I have tolerated, and many I have come to regard with polite respect. A few have become friends. I suppose this is what maturity bears. I have met a few more people, and things are looking up for our socially awkward hero.

Band camp is about memories to some extent, as I have spent some of this week avoiding and freaking out over the Ex of Horrors for no known reason. I’m smiling at people, and generally avoiding making senseless small talk. I have little patience for it.

My mood is not improving. End transmission.



  1. glad to know it is going well;)

  2. And as the years go on, people change. It makes some people easier to get along with.

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