band camp 2008 four: brothers

July 16, 2008

There are two boys in my care here that have never been to band camp before. Both, very sweet boys. Brothers. They are rooming together. It is obvious, just by watching them, that music and athletics are both important to them. One of them is apparently allergic to cedar.

There is a cedar tree just outside their window, and last night, with the fan sucking in fresh tree pollens, his chest seized up and he stopped breathing well. Nothing threatening, but scary. He didn’t even know he was allergic to cedar.

He was moved to a hotel for the night, just so he could calm down. Lucky, his father is attending the camp as a visiting director. He’s very fortunate. They had intended to move him to the other boys’ dorm, making him a very tall high schooler in the middle of a bunch of junior high kids, but he managed to get some allergy medicine that would calm things down. Again, fortunate.

Nice boys, the two of them. Genuinely excited about the music they are playing in their brass ensemble and, since one of them, at least, made All-State Band, genuinely enthusiastic about music. One of them is coming to this university in the fall, I believe. I’m excited for him.

These are the kinds of kids I like dealing with. Not too terribly geeky, but very good and very excited about what they do, not to mention attentive, polite, and probably willing to help without much provocation. I think most band directors would agree. And their father is a band director.


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