band camp 2008 two: heat wave

July 14, 2008

There is no air conditioning in these dorms. We have fans, we have open windows, but the spaces where there is no active air flow is stifling at best. This is part of band camp. My mother often says that the two hottest weeks of the year are during this band camp. It’s no wonder. Why not? Pile 1,000 kids into unair-conditioned dorms and consider it a prime prize for Murphy’s Law.

That said, I sat and read my book in front of an air conditioner located in a distant lobby for some two hours. Good relaxing time. And now that night is here, it is even easier to get the temperature down.

Tomorrow, we begin classes. Today was just auditions, and it was a mostly empty day. Tomorrow, our business starts and the kids are going to be very busy. Idle hands, as they say.



  1. I hope your week goes well!

  2. Now you know the annoyance of not having AC in swealtering heat and humidity. 😛 Granted, this summer has been kinder so far to us than past ones here. May band camp go really well for you. 🙂

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