band camp 2008 one: first day

July 13, 2008

If it wasn’t comforting enough to know that these kids have mostly been here before, I have a three kids that were in my dorms last year. This is good in two instances, where the kids were very manageable, polite, decent. In the third instance, we have a slight…oh well, he’s not so bad, I suppose. He’s one of those kids that gets caught up in the moment, caught up trying to have fun, and gets out of control. This type of teenager is referred to as a “boy.” Shocking, no?

I pulled him aside with parents present to discuss the events last year that got him so riled up. We agreed they would not happen again, and I trust him.

To explain, last year, this young man hung out with some unruly sorts who found great enjoyment in making me angry. Reminds me of my past percussion classes, thinking about it now. Anyway, this guy would get completely out of control and, before too long, we had to ban anyone else from going in his room at all. No one. It helped to some extent. For the most part, he really liked to stay up late and talk to his roommate who was also a friend from home. That boy isn’t here this year, but the guy that he’s rooming with now is one of the boys he hung out with last year. This years roommate is a good guy, and I trust that I can help reign in our subject person with his help.

I’m a year older and a year wiser. I’m ready.


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  1. Wish you the best there!

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