protest against Catholics

July 11, 2008

I am not Australian. Surprise! However, digging around revealed that the Australian government is federative constitutional monarchy under a parliamentary democracy. English: It’s a lot like America in concept.

Today’s article at The Wild Hunt addresses World Youth Day, an annual event sponsored by the Catholic Church. It’s their version of a revival, though I’m sure there will be less hallelujahs and more alcohol. Well, maybe not.

The Australian government sets up some laws that dictate that no one is to do anything to “annoy” the people attending World Youth Day. Translation: Don’t pester the Catholics. Now, in a government based on some freedom concepts, they are told they can’t hold a protest or even be slightly derogatory. We’re talking thousands of dollars in fines being issues per instance. Hardly the situation we’d like to see in our country.

My best friend is Catholic. I laughed at an article from Homosecular Gaytheist earlier and he asked me to read it to him. Essentially, it bashed Catholics over the idea of transubstantiation, calling them stupid and ignorant and a slew of other words. First, while the author might be right in essence, calling names is wrong and he’s a jerk for doing it.

Anyway, my friend was a bit offended about the article, and rightly so. However, despite his belonging to a mainstream religion and despite him being my best friend, I don’t think the Catholic church deserves special treatment here or anywhere. You want to protest something, that should be your right. Hell, it’s Homosecular Gaytheist’s right to be so outwardly spoken, and its Hat Boy’s right to be rude right back. No fists swinging: all’s well.

Protest on, Aussies!



  1. Ok, maybe I’m a new uptight Cathlolic who has her panties in a wad but I was offended by that guys blog. Sure, I had communion in my original church before where it represented Christ’s body…but now I’m in the “real church” and transubstantiation is a big deal to me. That time is sacred and holy. When a wafer is dropped or wine spilled, we treat it as if it was Christ himself. A white cloth is placed down where the bit of Eucharist was on the floor so no one steps on Him. T-sub is one of those little mysteries that we take on in faith. There’s lots of ’em, even out of the church. Ok, sorry, I ranted and I didn’t mean to direct it at you.


  2. The big argument against transubstantiation is that it is a truly impossible miracle that can’t be proven, and that it is cannibalism.

  3. Well, my argument there is He said, “take this bread and eat it, remember me. Take this wine and drink it, remember me.” Anyway, that wasn’t the point of your blog. It was about the protests. I think it’s stupid that there are fines for people protesting against Catholics. I can see both sides. Sure there should be some respect for the Pope even if some don’t believe. On the other hand, people have the right to protest so why friggen fine them for them exercising one of their rights?

  4. Exactly.

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