getting older

July 10, 2008

I have decided I like getting older:

1. Getting older means I’ve done more things and I’m better at the things I’ve done.
2. I’ve had one year of teaching under my belt, so it means I’ve had a considerable increase in pay going into this next job. I could pay off my car loan with the difference.
3. My insurance payments have dropped about about ten bucks each time I’ve renewed by contract, and it will only go down again next year.
4. I have gotten better at talking to people (which is a real fear of mine sometimes) so I was able to talk to the people I needed to to have them consider me for my new job.
5. I am calming down a bit, and am able to focus a bit more on tasks and think things through a little better. For years now, part of my problem with logic and things entailing logic has been that I can’t get my head to proceed all the way through the steps of the conclusions of so many people I want to understand.
6. More distance in age from the age groups I teach means better ability to maintain professional distance.
7. I’ve also done more things longer, so I’m able to take better benefit from them.
8. Soon, I’ll get to say I’m a quarter of a century old. How cool is that?!
9. The people I look at as my peers are less fickle and more concerned with real problems that can break down a friendship, not the frivolities of our youth.
10. I can buy a CD from the 90s and feel nostalgic while people more in the target marketing groups are revisiting the 80s with fervor. I’m thinking for myself!



  1. I saw this bumper sticker the other day, and this post reminded me of it:

    If the music’s too loud, you’re too old…

  2. Dude, I remember teasing the crap out of my sis when she turned 25. In only a few months she gets to do it back. 😛

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