real boy v. The Darkness

July 9, 2008

I’m a liar, but an efficient one. I decided to leave town early. After scrambling around yesterday, putting things in order, taking things apart, stacking boxes in the corner, I took one look around and decided I had done everything I needed to do. So I left. I know I said I had two more days left, but I had already packed my XBox and other systems, and could only sit at the computer and refresh the page so many times.

So here I sit, at Hat Boy’s, playing video games and waiting for him to get off work so we can do things. Training session tomorrow with the new job, dinner with a guy I used to see, and counting the days till band camp. Can you tell I’m excited about band camp? Band camp!

I’ve decided to hunker down with The Darkness, a first person shooter. I’m borrowing it from a friend. Normally, I get very squeamish during games that have lots of shock moments, or lots of suspense (or dark colors, or violence, or loud noises…I’m such a wuss), but I’ve been up since about 8am, and its 2.20pm now…haven’t exactly taken a break. So I guess I like it.

I’ve always admired people who can play “scary” games. I usually have to be touching a living human and hiding my face. I’ve only freaked out once so far, but I didn’t even throw the controller through the window or wet myself or anything. I’m gonna get to be a real boy after all.

One comment

  1. Yay! A real boy! The Blue Fairy must have paid you a visit. 😛

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