two more days

July 8, 2008

Today is a day for organization. I will pack the rest of my things, prepare my luggage for the next two weeks, clean out my car, and then move boxes and furniture into nice little piles and packs so we can easily move around them. I’ll probably take things apart too. I have a dresser with a mirror on the back that will have to come down.

Tomorrow, I’ll be going out of town for band camp and all that. As usually happens when life is going to move forward, I get this natural tendency to pull back like a billy goat on a halter. I know that life is improving, but sometimes, life changes are still scary. Of course, all told, it is likely I just don’t want to go through the moving process again. The hard part happens when we go to load stuff on the truck in two weeks. But at least I’ll have help. It is usually not so.

I’m sitting her, staring at the recliner that is position across from the table I’m sitting at. On the recliner is a pair of wings made of nylon hose and wire hangers. The Girl made these for me when we went to the Renaissance Festival last year. They are gorgeous, but there is not a vessel created that can hold these things. They are delicate and precious, and I don’t have the heart to toss them out. I think Girl would actually probably kill me. She put a lot of effort into them. I will have to take a picture of them and put them on here.


One comment

  1. Fairy wings?! Yes, I demand a picture!

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