July 6, 2008

I think the boxes I’m using to pack my things are emitting heat. I can be freezing just sitting here in the apartment, but as soon as I put a box together and start filling it, I start to sweat. Or maybe I’m just fat.

I don’t know where I came up with all the stuff I have. Actually, I don’t even know how I ended up with more stuff than I had when I got here a year ago. The only thing I’ve purchased in quantity that has been packed so far is books, and even those aren’t that numerous, are they? I purposely saved all the boxes I used to get here so that I didn’t have to go track down a ton of boxes, but today I brought home ten more boxes. I think I’ll have extra, but some of that will be because they don’t make big enough boxes for some of my things, paintings and the like.

But I’m taking a break again, trying not to drip on the keyboard, and hoping I can get everything done I need to before its time to move.


  1. Packing is hard to do. Especially when you think back while looking at what you’re packing away. Each object in my home pretty much relates to a memory or a feeling. That can be oodles of reflection. Ok, ok, there’s also the swealtering heat of summer you’re dealing with and reflection doesn’t cause ya to sweat. Forgive me, I’m lacking sleep. 😛

  2. For a chipper perspective: The things you own sometimes end up owning you.

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