things I know are now true

July 4, 2008

The world is full of evidence for the non-existence of god. The world is also full of personal stories of god experiences, but they are not consistent from person to person, nor are they provable beyond the personal, and thus, I find there is no god.

Supernatural phenomena are not able to be tested in a scientific method that would prove their veracity, and thus, are either all personal experience or hoax.

Discovering evidence of god and supernatural phenomena depends on being predisposed to looking for such evidence. If you don’t believe in one or the other, you will not see an event as containing those possibilities. Likewise, one predisposed to see things from a supernatural bent will not have a problem giving supernaturalism as an explanation.

Religious practice, while still serving a psychological function, is not necessary to finding wonder in the world.

Community is an important function in religion for me, and I find it important enough to consider as the only reason for religion, but it is not the only way to community.

Pseudo-science and alternative medicines are not usable if their results can’t be reproduced in testable and fallible circumstances. Regardless of what my friends say or do, I will not be participating in any activity involving these practices, partly out of respect for them.

My wall decorations are not a reflection of the person I was, the person I am, or the person I will be. Sometimes, religious icons are just pretty. Same can be said for religious music.

The Pagan Wheel of the Year, and all its celebrations, can be summed up as being a model for psycho-social growth and, to a less extent, as the agricultural model. While the second doesn’t always apply as stated, these cycles contain generation or birth, growth, maturity, death or removal, and reinvention or continuation of life.

I think I may have finally come to terms with the last three or four years of mental rambling.



  1. Not sure I understood your thoughts (it sounded more like a lot of facts with minimal analyzation), but I think there a couple books you might find interesting:

    Case for Faith
    Case for a Creator

    Both are very scientific books, from what I’ve heard the author speak of.


  2. I heard some one say God is spirituality (the wonder in everything) and man created religion. The collective spirit of religion is the human aspect, interpretation of religion. A Force beyound my comprehension turns the world wether I am in it or not. If I say there is no power greater then myself then I place my self above this force and will lack humility which leads to my doubt in self and dicontent in self and others. Serenity is a peaceful condition that comes with certian actions, thought and awerness. There was a man named Jesus. He spoke the truth and stood up to a spirit became a threat and was crusified. Forgave his persicutors. I am sure you have heard of him.

  3. “Some times the simplest answers have the greatest truth.”(not exact and I don’t know who actually said it. I think I remember it in a movie.)
    Is it easier to say from absolutly nothing became somthing and that it evolved over billions of years into the universe as we know it today? That somehow over these billions of years life emerged from a completly non-organic, non-living or even habitable universe?
    Or that an eternal, unfathomable being spoke and exsistence came to be?

    I have come to believe that God is the why and science is the how. Science can’t explain why we are conscious of our exsistence. Nor can it explain why we cannot comunicate with other beings on this planet; or why we have free will. THe only place I have ever found answers to why we are the way we are, is belief in God. And I believe in Christianity, because it is the only religion that the reward for following it, the reward that every Christian (should) strives for is eternity with God. It is the only thing that makes sense.
    Why would God create us and leave us for lost? Why not find a way to bring us back to Him? What’s the fun in creating life with out giving them free will to choose what they want to believe? Why should God limit Himself to only concepts that humans understand?

    Just food for thought.

  4. On a side note Science can’t even explain why we age! You say we age because of time? But why?

  5. She didn’t say I love you.

  6. Actual comment:

    “Pseudo-science and alternative medicines are not usable if their results can’t be reproduced in testable and fallible circumstances” vs. “depends on being predisposed to looking for such evidence.”

    I believe that my cheapo Wally World multi-vitamin I take every day or so helps me and thus has not the effect to make me a WW drone.

  7. […] been tossing around the skeptic question in my own head for several years now, and I have sorta settled on an answer. Any of you who read me regularly know this. I want concrete evidence of the phenomena that escape […]

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