July 1, 2008

Job offer secured. Apartment applied for. Let the packing begin.

I was smart enough to save all my boxes from the last time I moved. I have two bedrooms in this place all by myself and had a ton of extra space, so I shoved them and some extra dining chairs in the guest bedroom closet. I’m gonna miss having that extra room.

Actually, that reminds me that I’m gonna have to find space for some of my extra stuff. I will have a walk in closet with extra shelving, but it may not be just enough for all the things I have laying around. Granted, I’ll be getting rid of one of the two dining room sets that I have, and losing the extra twin bed. Hat Guy doesn’t have a lot of stuff, so he won’t be taking up much room. Unfortunately, my new bedroom will be around 3/4 the size of my old bedroom. Sigh. So many problems. Okay, so not really problems, per se.

Another week or so here, then two and a half weeks back in Texas for training sessions and band camp, and then its moving time.

Last year, I something similar to this, except that I followed band camp up with a trip to Orlando and then did the daring move on less than 4 hours of sleep in 2 days, and stayed up most of the night trying to get unpacked. I’m neurotic like that. My mother never fully unpacked when we lived in a house in New Mexico, and she was there nearly 10 years. Me: I unpack in a day or two. I can’t stand not having everything put up.

This is where some of my friends would say I’m a total homo. Oh well.



  1. If needing to be unpacked and settled makes one queer, I guess I’m a lesbian…

    Good luck, Sweetie! Keep us posted, wouldja?

  2. I’m right there with Mrs. Chili. The first thing to get unpacked is always my pictures that hang on the wall. Bare walls make me feel like I’m nuts. Happy moving!

  3. I thought I was the only one that was neurotic about unpacking. Huh.

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