tooth audition, part 2

June 23, 2008

This is late, but I’ve been without interwebs for a couple days now. My grandfather does have internet, but he keeps a hefty padlock on it, and even though I’ve replaced the padlock myself a couple times, I still can’t remember where I put the key.

I went to the oral surgeon and got all checked out. Nice lady. She was pleasant despite the fact that I basically argued with her over which teeth she was taking out. Time for some technical speak from a layman:

In the #22 slot, there are three teeth. That is the lower left hand outside incisor if you’re counting. I have a primary, or baby, tooth, an adult incisor tooth, and this tiny bastard of bone called a supernumerary or something like that. Doctor Lady thought I wanted to take out the adult tooth, and said that was dumb because it would keep me from being able to correct things orthodontically later (as though I want braces). I thought she was saying don’t take out the little guy (22a, in surgeon talk) because it was needless. After squabbling over which tooth was which and what tooth needed to come out, we made our minds up: 22a is gone, as well as the other four teeth.

Now, we process the insurance paperwork to see if I can actually afford the procedure. If not, I’ll just have to wait until its necessary or I get done paying off appendectomy bills.

In the mean time, I’m gonna take my little tooth friend out for chocolate shakes until we get called back. Cheers!


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