tooth audition

June 19, 2008

People reading my twitter will know today’s major event as my “tooth audition.” I’ll be visiting with an oral surgeon to discuss how to get my wisdom teeth out, what kind of harpoon they will be using, and what primetime Sunday night slot on NBC I’ll be getting. Normally, one is nervous about going to dentists and doctors and the like, but I get excited. It’s a different thing to do. I’ve not spent much time in a hospital waiting room, so I don’t mind doing it, and finding out something is wrong with me doesn’t bother me because…well, its rare to be honest *polishes an apple*.

To be perfectly and sickly honest, my whole appendectomy excursion was just one big joy ride.

The other crazy thing about today’s audition: One of my baby teeth never fell out. It’s on the lower left hand side of my face. Under that baby tooth is an adult tooth that seems to be in no real hurry to go anywhere. And between those teeth is a third tooth, roughly the size of another baby tooth. It once was just hanging out, looking as though it would push out the baby tooth, and then come right up through were the adult tooth would finally push it out, and all would be well. Well, now it is pushed forward, and for several months, perhaps longer than a year now, it has been exposed about half a centimeter below my gumline. It’s cool, but kinda creepy.

I showed friends at dinner, and a conversation that went something like this:

(over chips and salsa)
“Hey, you guys wanna see something creepy?”
(expose my weird tooth problem)
(screaming ensues…I think a baby was thrown out a window somewhere)

My mother is concerned that it is cutting the inside of my bottom lip. To be honest, it doesn’t hurt, but it is kinda sharp. Also like puppy sharp, since it never gets used for anything. It’s fresh and pointy, and will probably go bye-bye soon. I’m gonna miss you little guy!



  1. Keep us(ok, me) updated on this one. I have been dreading this, but I need to get this done. The wisdom teeth deal ….


    I wish I were half as optimistic and peppy about it as you are 😉

  2. C’mon, I did the wisdom tooth thing at 15/16, it wasn’t that bad. So ya get to have shakes and other bad for you liquidy goodness for a day or so. Ok and you look like you have chipmunk syndrome, but it’s not really that bad. Just don’t get a terrible haircut the day after like I did. Those pain killers make ya do stupid stuff lol. *hugs* Keep me posted.

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